Taiyo (taiyosan) wrote in fifty_five_plus,

I'm up a little earlier then usual ... so

will post in this journal, a note or two ...

Last week i turned 59.

59 feels like a magic number to me. I always thought 60 would be - and is - but 59 has sorta awakened me to becoming older. And then when 60 shows up this time next year - well, i guess i can't say i'm young anymore.

Still, i feel young inside and on the outside i still run chainsaws, dig ditches and write in journals.

However, 'cause there is such a large range of ages in this community, it is easy to forget my age. The youngest here is just 21 (there are 4 children here 2-13 years of age but i'm not counting them) and i notice i have to be careful as my eyes are all too easily drawn to looking at them - staring so to speak.

I remember an interview i saw on tv many years ago ... it was about a teenager who had become interested in the elderly (when do we become elderly ... i think i'm not gonna become elderly ... i know i have to become older but elderly - never!) and in interviewing a 90something woman the woman said she didn't feel a bit older then 17 or so inside, but she did notice that there were many things her body could no longer do so she guessed she must be old ... and then she laughed.

I wanna laugh easily when i'm in my 90's.

My plan is to live until i'm 115 as that is the age at which i think i'll have more of what i want to do in this lifetime done and as i don't plan to return to this planet (really, this is a strange planet...beings running around killing each other, being selfish, etc. ... jeeze, who'd come here on purpose?!) there are some things i wanna do before leaving.

I have much i could write about becoming older ... but i'd rather be active then write about being active.
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