The Errant Nightwalker (ex_sir_lance126) wrote in fifty_five_plus,
The Errant Nightwalker

Anybody catch "American Graffiti" tonight?

Those were my people. My cars. My teen years. My music.

I was with a car club we called the Pharaohs. Until everybody got married and we split up.

I had a 56 black Chevy. Another guy had a yellow '55, one had a '52. Woody had a Ford hardtop convertible.
I traded the 56 for a 57 Plymouth, with the tail fins. Later I got a white 58 Chevy convertible with a 348 engine.
In '65 I got a Mustang convertible.
Then later on I had a '69 Roadrunner with a 383. It ate gas so bad I sold it and bought a Toyota.
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